How to Add IntroSnap to your Outbound Cadences

Adding Charitable Gifts to Outbound Cadences with IntroSnap

Adding a Charitable Gift to your SalesLoft or Outreach cadence is easy with IntroSnap! All that’s needed is your IntroSnap Link, and you’re good to go! First, we’ll cover how to create your IntroSnap Link.

Setting up your IntroSnap Link

IntroSnap Links enable you to send the same charitable gift offer to anyone with a sharable link. Easily share your offer in cadences, nurtures, webinar promotions and other campaigns. 

1. Click the Create button and select IntroSnap Link. Give it a name and select a donation offer amount.

(Creation button and Charitable Gift options)

2. Enter a message that will appear on your charitable gift’s landing page.

3. By default, the recipient will select a charity for your donation to go to. Enter a charity in the Pre-Select field if you want the donation to go to a specific org instead. 

4. Select a payment method and click Save.

(Create IntroSnap Link screen)

Adding Your IntroSnap Link to Outbound Cadences

Now that your link is created, all you need to do is paste your link into a new email touch in your Cadence platform. 

You can add your charitable gift to SalesLoft or Outreach in the following ways. 

  1. Having a cadence entirely dedicated to your charitable gift. This is great for prospects who have opened your emails in the past, but have never replied. 
  2. Add touches to an existing sales cadence with your IntroSnap link.

Simply create an email touch with messaging describing your charitable gift and your IntroSnap Link included. A best practice is to have the messaging entirely focused on the charitable gift, not a pitch. 

(Email Touch Setup with an IntroSnap Link)

It’s important to follow up with your charitable gift, so it’s recommended that you have at least 1 follow-up email touch after your initial one, to increase the odds of your gift offer getting accepted. 

(Follow-up Email Touch Setup with an IntroSnap Link)

Now you’re ready to send your charitable gift to everyone in your cadence! 

Happy prospecting!

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