How a Top Sales Exec is crushing it with IntroSnap

Learn how Laura Leap, a sales leader at Samsara, is using IntroSnap to connect with customers and increase her deal win rate.

Laura’s Goals With IntroSnap

  • Accelerate trials
  • Increase deal win rate
  • Gain competitive edge by building relationship

Since starting with IntroSnap, Laura has seen an immediate boost in prospect engagement and faster sales cycles. IntroSnap enables her to build immediate rapport with prospects by offering an IntroSnap Charitable Gift to any cause they care about.

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Accelerating Deals and Increasing Win-Rates with Stronger Rapport

Laura integrated IntroSnap into her sales process by sending IntroSnap charitable gifts to prospects after initial discovery calls, demos or meetings with new stakeholders as thank you gifts.

Laura does both outbound prospecting and full sales cycles to close. Not easy! 🙂
She knows that the stronger the bond between her and the customer, the more likely they are to buy from her, not a competitor.

Ultimately people from people. Today buyers expect a more personal touch. They want you to show them that you care about them and that you are more than “just a salesperson.” Laura has found that after a first call is a great time to send an IntroSnap charitable gift. The prospect feels good about the fact she made a donation to something they care about, a local cause that most people probably have never heard of, yet now Laura does knwo about it and has donated. This moment feels great to both parties.

Donating to my prospect’s favorite cause using IntroSnap has helped me get more trials going faster and more deals won than before.”

Laura Leap, Account Executive, Samsara

At Samsara, getting early interested parties into trials is a critical step to winning the deal. Part of their sales process is to drive trials sign ups. To help overcome the friction of the prospect starting, she sends donation offers, then talks about the impact of their cause with the prospect. These buyers now relate better and are more likely to close with Laura.

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