How To Drive Engagement Across the Sales Funnel with Charitable Gifts

Every B2B sales and marketing leader works to optimize their funnel to ensure prospects advance to the next stage as efficiently as possible. The challenge is to keep the customer engaged in order to successfully reach the final stage: closed-won!

Losing Deals is the Worst

The problem is that reps always struggle to keep the prospect engaged enough to successfully progress the deal forward. Deals get stalled, go cold, or are closed-lost entirely. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Not a strong enough rapport with the prospect
  • The next meeting scheduled too far in the future
  • Prospect is busy
  • Prospect goes with competitor

Stand Out with Charitable Gifting

With there being so many ways that a deal can be lost, it’s critical to find an effective way of keeping your deal hot!

In fact, engagement leads to higher customer retention, as customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium in profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer (Gallup).

Charitable gifting with IntroSnap is a proven way to enable reps to generate critical prospect engagement that accelerates deals to the next stage, and give sales reps a competitive edge at closing. Giving back to charities your prospects care about turns the needle!

(Ways to use charitable gifting throughout the funnel)

It Builds Strong Rapport that Moves Deals Forward

When you send an IntroSnap charitable gift to a prospect or existing customer – giving them the ability to direct your donation to a charity they care about – you have engaged with them in the most personalized way possible.

They simply enter the charity’s name to search through 1M+ options. The level of localization in our selection of charities enables the sender to stand out even more. When you can drive a donation to your prospect’s children’s little league team or school district, that is personalized engagement!

When your prospect selects a charity and you complete the donation, they also receive an email thank you card that confirms the completion of the donation. The next time you connect, ask about how they’ve been involved with that organization. This is a great way to bond with your prospect over making a positive impact!

The result is unique rapport that leads to accelerated deals and increased win-rates.

(Examples of charities selected by prospects)

How Do I Get Started?

IntroSnap is free and easy to get started with, no SaaS license required. Simply create an account at and start sending charitable gift offers to your prospects and customers. That’s it!

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