The Most Personalized Touch Sales Can Make

The Problem

One critical question on the mind of every B2B head of sales and marketing is, “How do we increase engagement with our prospects?”

More and more outbound emails are sent than ever before, repetitive follow-up requests, Starbucks gift cards, and an increasingly costly tech stack to support it. However, despite all that time and spend, engagement with prospects is more difficult than ever.

Across the funnel, sales teams often struggle to get a prospect’s attention or move the opportunity to the next stage, unsure of what to send to get a response. The result is closed-lost opportunities and missed pipeline. 

So what do we do?  Send more emails asking for a meeting!  Yikes..

What’s wrong with this approach? It’s empty.  Nothing of personal interest to the customer is provided, just another poke.

“If you want to get, then give.”
Lauren Hill & Ceelo, Do You Like the Way

The Solution

The key to driving engagement with prospects and customers is to develop a bond throughout the sales funnel, fueled by unique personal rapport that accelerates the deal forward and ultimately leads to closed-won business. 

IntroSnap enables reps to achieve this, building revenue-driving relationships with prospects and customers and taking rapport to a new level of deal acceleration. With IntroSnap, you send an offer to donate to the charity of your prospect’s choice. The prospect selects a charity important to them from over 1 million options in the IntroSnap network. With choices as local as school districts, junior sports leagues, animal rescue shelters, and food banks, IntroSnap enables reps to connect with prospects on the most personal level possible.   

By enabling the prospect to select a charity important to them from over 1 million options available on IntroSnap, the rep learns about something near and dear to them and has a personal talking point to build rapport on. Prospects enjoy entering a local charity that they care about – orgs that are typically unknown to sales reps – and see them appear as an option for the donation. 

Additionally, if the rep knows of a charity the prospect cares about in advance, such as one listed on the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, they can simply pre-select that charity, and the prospect will see it in the notification, surprising them with a highly personalized and purpose-driven touch. 

IntroSnap turns ordinary business interactions into impactful charitable donations, and builds deal-winning relationships with the most personal touch that sales can make.

And It Works

IntroSnap users are getting engagement with VPs of marketing and VPs of IT, advancing their deals. Prospects love to pick their favorite charity. It’s fun and feels good to give back while doing business.

These are example charities selected by prospects.

How Do I Get Started?

IntroSnap is free and easy to get started with, no SaaS license required. Simply create an account at and start sending charitable gift offers to your prospects and customers. That’s it! 

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